Crowdfire, the leading online social media management application has unveiled a new YouTube Advanced Analytics with exciting features. It allows data to download in PPT format. The new features would benefit social media managers, content strategists, an executive at an agency or the owner of a small business firm.

With this launch, Crowdfire has made the number game interesting for professionals who work using YouTube as one of the social media channels.

With Crowdfire YouTube Analytics you can:
1. Analyze what kind of videos work well for you
2. Understand the performance of annotations and cards
3. Download the reports in PPT and PDF format
4. Make data-driven decisions

The new YouTube Advance Analytics gives a rich summary of data and then provides the details of the metrics through graphical representation.

Data is mapped through the following metrics:

  1. Engagement Metrics
  2. Like Vs Dislikes
  3. Audience Metrics
  4. Watch time metrics timeline
  5. View metrics
  6. Card metrics
  7. Annotation Metrics timeline
  8. Video Metrics Summary
  9. Engagement

Crowdfire is the leading Social Media Manager helping in content curation, scheduling, social listening and Analytics.

Crowdfire is a favourite amongst Solo-preneurs, Agencies, Small, Medium, Large businesses & individuals who use Crowdfire to go big online.

Crowdfire already provides Advanced analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The YouTube Advanced Analytics is available for their Plus, Premium and VIP users.